How to upgrade to MATE Desktop 1.26 on Ubuntu 21.04

Ubuntu MATE is a more retrospective version of Ubuntu that lets you use Ubuntu largely the way it worked over a decade ago. But regardless of what things may be, updates are still being rolled out to the MATE desktop environment that Ubuntu MATE is named after.

The latest version is MATE 1.26. How to update the MATE desktop to the latest version in Ubuntu 21.04.

How to get MATE 1.26 on Ubuntu

The latest version of one of Linux’s lightest desktop environments is not officially available for Ubuntu MATE 21.04. If you want an official update, you’ll need to upgrade to Ubuntu MATE 21.10 instead.

If you need to stick with Ubuntu MATE 21.04 for the time being, or use a different Linux distribution like Ubuntu, you’re out of luck. Instead, you need to add a personal package archive, also known as a PPA, to install MATE 1.26.

You can have trouble copying and pasting PPA commands if you are unsure of the source. The following commands install MATE 1.26 from an archive that came directly from the Ubuntu MATE developers. You can Go over to the launchpad and see for yourself.

Installation of the MATE 1.26 PPA

Enter the following to add the archive:

                        sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-mate-dev/fresh-mate

After that, you need to download the updated packages. You can do this with:

                        sudo apt upgrade

Ubuntu MATE users will either need to log in again or restart their computer. When the desktop loads, you will automatically log into the new MATE 1.26 environment.

If you’re running Ubuntu MATE 20.04, the current version of LTS, the same commands will still bring your desktop to MATE 1.26.

For those who don’t already have the MATE desktop, you can run the command given below to install it. This is useful if you want to install MATE 1.26 on other Linux distributions. on Ubuntu, for example.

                        sudo apt install mate-desktop

What’s new in MATE 1.26?

Once you’re back in, you won’t notice any dramatic visual changes. That’s not what MATE is about. However, this version offers performance improvements and behind-the-scenes modernization such as: B. Running most of the MATE desktop on a Wayland compositor.

There are some new features, such as the Caja file manager, which can now format drives via the context menu, and the Engrampa archive manager, which supports additional formats such as EPUB and RAR. For the full overview, see our more in-depth overview of MATE 1.26.

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