How to Use FTP on Android: 3 Solutions

There is always a time when you need to move a file from your phone to your PC and there is certainly no shortage of ways to transfer files to Android wirelessly. You can use bluetooth, Cloud- Use storage, email, and even messaging apps, but these solutions may be too slow or unsuitable for sending large files.

So what’s the alternative? Enter FTP, a tool older than the modern internet and a reliable way to transfer files between your devices. How to start using FTP on Android.

What is FTP

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. Basically, you can connect one device to another and transfer files between them. FTP works over the Internet, so you can use it to connect to a device on your Wi-Fi network or to a remote server. To use it, you need an FTP server on one device and an FTP client on another.

Most third-party file managers on Android support FTP, so you can start an FTP server on Android and then connect to it on a PC with an FTP client.

Below we have a list of some of the best file managers with FTP support that you can download, in no particular order.

1. Amaze file manager

Amaze is a free, open source file manager. It’s pretty lightweight compared to the other file managers on this list as it doesn’t care about extra features like code editing or media player. Instead, it focuses on the basics like cutting, copying and pasting, and archiving and encrypting files.

Starting an FTP server on Amaze is pretty easy. All you have to do is open the hamburger menu on the left side of the screen, scroll down and tap FTP server. Then just tap begin.

While Amaze is free, support for Cloud- Storage can be unlocked via an in-app purchase.

Download: Amaze file manager (Free premium version available)

2. Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer is like a Swiss Army Knife. It offers you many tools without feeling bloated, such as file encryption and Cloud-Saving support as well as its own image viewer, music player and text editor. All of this is wrapped around a sleek user interface.

Using FTP on Solid Explorer is pretty similar to Amaze. Swipe right to open the hamburger menu, scroll down, tap FTP server, then tap begin.

Solid Explorer is free for a 14-day trial period, after which you have to pay to continue using it.

Download: Solid Explorer (Free Trial, Premium Version Available)

3. MiXplorer

MiXplorer is a file manager with every imaginable function. It comes with all of the basics of a file manager like cut, copy, paste, compress and extract files. Then you have advanced features at your disposal, such as the ability to multitask, a text and code editor, and a full EPUB and PDF reader for your reading needs.

Of course, MiXplorer also supports FTP. To start an FTP server, tap the menu in the upper right corner, then tap server, followed by Start the FTP server.

The developer of MiXplorer is giving the app away for free on the XDA Developer forums, but if you want to support the development of MiXplorer, you can purchase the paid version from the Play Store.

Download: MiXplorer (Free from XDA Developer forums) | MiXplorer silver ($ 4.49 from Google Play)

How to use FTP to transfer files on Android

After you have selected an FTP server app for your Android device, you need an FTP client app for your PC. We have lists of the best FTP clients for Windows and FTP clients for Mac.

To show you how to use FTP, we’ll use Amaze File Manager on Android and FileZilla on Windows. If you decide to use a different FTP server or client app, don’t worry, these steps apply to them too.

First, open Amaze on your Android device. Swipe right to open the hamburger menu, scroll down and you will find that FTP server Opportunity. Here tap that begin Button and the app should say “Status: Secure Connection”.

Just below status, you will see that a Url has also appeared.

Now open FileZilla on your PC. At the top you should see four text boxes, the first of which is called host. In this text box, enter the URL provided by Amaze exactly as it appears, then press Enter.

FileZilla may ask you to allow insecure connections. This is something you only need to worry about when connecting to a remote server. So click the check box and then click OK.

You should immediately see that your Android device’s files and folders appear in the right navigation pane. You are now ready to start transferring files between your Android phone and your PC.

To transfer files between your devices, all you have to do is select the file or folder you want to transfer in FileZilla and then drag and drop it where you want it. As simple as that!

Now you know how to use FTP

FTP may seem like a complex and daunting tool, but when you first set it up you can see how easy it is to use. Not only does it allow you to transfer files wirelessly, but it also lets you transfer files faster than Bluetooth, which is especially useful when you have large files or a lot of pictures to transfer.

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