How to use Microsoft Outlook as an RSS feed reader

RSS feeds are a great way to get informed about new articles on your favorite sites. But your personal time should not be consumed reading work articles. Split your work and personal subscriptions by adding work feeds to Microsoft Outlook instead of this.

Manage feeds in Outlook is super easy, although it is only possible in the desktop Outlook Client. If you only use that Outlook There are many other good feed readers on the web, such as Feedly or Inoreader, instead to choose from. Alternatively, you can subscribe to your feeds through Slack or Microsoft Teams.

How to send RSS feeds to a Microsoft Teams channel

RSS feeds in Microsoft Outlook are created in the RSS Subscriptions folder.

Right-click the RSS Subscription folder and choose Add New RSS Feed.


In the New RSS Feed window that appears, enter the feed address of the website or blog you want to follow, then click Add.


If you want to stick with the default settings, select “Yes”.


To view or change the default settings, click Advanced.


This will open the RSS Feed Options window. Change the “Feed Name” or the folder in which the articles are displayed, then click “OK”.

The RSS Feed Options window.

Now select “Yes” to continue.


A new folder for the feed is created in the RSS Subscriptions folder and Microsoft Outlook will bring back the latest feeds for you.

The new feed folder and the downloaded articles.

Deleting a subscription is as simple as right-clicking on the feed folder and selecting “Delete Folder”.

The Delete Folder menu option.

You can assign categories to downloaded articles, but there aren’t any bells and whistles like there are specialized RSS feed readers. Sometimes, however, no frills are required. If you just want to quickly and easily view your feeds, Microsoft Outlook could be just the right tool for the job.

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