How to use the LEN feature in Microsoft Excel

If you’ve always wanted to try figuring out the number of characters on a line of text, you can use Microsoft. use Excel thanks to the LEN function. How to use it.

What is the LEN function?

The LEN function is a simple calculation function that counts all the characters in a given text string, including numbers, letters, special characters, and spaces. The function name (LEN) is short for length, since the function output provides the total length of a text string as a number.

To give you one example, let’s assume that a Excel Workbook contains a cell with the following text:

This is an example text string containing 56 characters!

The text string contains spaces, text, numbers and a special character and is 56 characters long. If you want to confirm this calculation, you can do so with LEN.

How to use the LEN feature in Microsoft Excel

in contrast to others Excel Functions, the LEN function is extremely easy to use. It only takes one argument – the text string you want to compute. You can either paste this directly into the formula or reference a cell that contains the text string.

To the example, the following formula calculates the length of a text string in cell A1. If you want to use this formula yourself, replace the cell reference with your own.


As already mentioned, with LEN you can also calculate the length of a text string written in the formula directly with the example Formula below.

=LEN("This is an example text string.")

A example the LEN function in Excel, shows the length of a text string directly in the formula.

You can replace them example Text with your own, but you need to enclose the text string in quotes. Alternatively, place the text in a separate cell (without the quotation marks) and then use the cell reference for that cell in your formula to determine the length instead.

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