How to Use Your AirPods Pro to Hear Conversations Better

Apple is constantly looking for new ways to make its technology accessible and useful to all, regardless of the situation. A perfect one example of which is Conversation Boost, a feature that lets you hear what other people are saying using some AirPods Pro.

What is conversation boost?

Conversation Boost is a feature Apple added to iOS 15 and iPadOS 15. This feature allows people with mild hearing problems to use their AirPods Pro to amplify what the person in front of them is saying.

According to Apple, Conversation Boost works thanks to a combination of computer audio and the beamforming microphones on the AirPods Pro. This helps people hear better when you are having a face-to-face conversation.

Remember, this is for people with mild hearing problems. If you or someone you know has a more serious medical condition, the Conversation Boost feature may not work as well.

What do you need to use Conversation Boost?

As mentioned earlier, Conversation Boost is only available with the AirPods Pro. You must also have iOS 15 or iPadOS 15 or higher installed on your iPhone or iPad. You can check which version you have by clicking on Settings> General> Software update.

The 4A400 firmware or a newer version must also be installed on your AirPods Pro. You can check which firmware version you have as follows:

  1. Connect your AirPods Pro to your iPhone or iPad.

  2. Go to settings on the device you connected your AirPods Pro to.

  3. Go to Generally.

  4. Tap Above.

  5. Scroll down and choose yours AirPods Pro. The AirPods Pro will be listed by the name you wrote.

  6. You can see that Firmware version On the right side.

If your AirPods Pro have an older version of firmware, you’ll need to put them in the case and keep them near your iPhone or iPad. They should be updated automatically. Make sure your AirPods Pro case is plugged into a power source when the battery is running low.

How to enable or disable Conversation Boost

Now that you have everything you need, it’s time to turn on Conversation Boost. Do not worry; it’s super easy to do. All you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. Open on your iPhone or iPad settings.

  2. Scroll down and select Accessibility.

  3. Scroll down again and tap Audiovisual.

  4. Tap Headphone accommodations.

  5. Switch Headphone accommodations At.

  6. Scroll down and tap Transparency mode.

  7. Switch Transparency mode At.

  8. Scroll down one more time and toggle Conversation spurt At.

And that’s it! There are a few steps, but now you can use Conversation Boost to your advantage. If you want, repeat the steps above to turn off Conversation Boost. AirPods Pro automatically amplifies the voices of everyone in front of you.

How to reduce background noise when using Conversation Boost

Another great tool that Conversation Boost gives you is the ability to adjust the amount of ambient noise you hear through your AirPods Pro.

There are two ways to control the background noise. The first is by you going to Settings> Accessibility> Audio / Visual> Headphone Adjustments> Transparency Mode and then adjust the slider via Conversation Enhancement. This is the long way, but there is a faster way.

First you need to add hearing control to your control center as follows:

  1. Open minded settings.

  2. Scroll down and select control center.

  3. Tap the green plus button (+) on the left side of Hearing to add it to your control center.

Now make sure your AirPods Pro are connected and you have Conversation Boost turned on. Then follow these steps:

  1. Open minded control center. If your iPhone doesn’t have a home button, swipe down from the top-right corner of your screen. If you have a home button, swipe up from the bottom of the screen.

  2. Tap the Hearing control. It’s the symbol that looks like an ear.

  3. Scroll down and adjust the Reduction of ambient noise Slider to reduce background noise.

This is a much faster method, and you can actively adjust the background noise as needed.

Never miss what people are saying

Over to you. Thanks to Conversation Boost, you’ll never miss a word someone says to you. Remember Apple said this was for people with mild hearing problems. Of course, it is always recommended that you see your doctor to see if you have any hearing problems. And after you’ve mastered Conversation Boost, you can also try out live lists.

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