How to Use Your Mobile Without Passwords Thanks to Smart Lock

At this point in the movie, no one doubts that blocking methods are important to safeguarding our security. There are too many sensitive data contained in our terminal, such as personal photos, emails, banking applications and much more, to ignore this aspect.

However, there may be circumstances in which unlocking the phone too many times can be tedious. This is usually the case when we are in a trusted location or when the terminal is continuously under our control. For this reason, it is important that in certain circumstances, our mobile can be unlocked for convenience.

To do this, many users increase the screen backlight time or even disable security temporarily. Actually, these are not the most appropriate measures, which is why Smart Lock comes into play as one of the most useful tools for this purpose. This will prevent us from having to enter passwords or keys continuously. Keep in mind that this function is available on Android terminals from Android 10.

How to allow the mobile to be unlocked

The first thing we have to do is have a screen lock configured. That is, in the security options we have selected a pin or unlocking by fingerprint or facial. Then we must go to Settings / Security / Smart Lock. Once inside we must select our PIN, pattern or password. Then we must select one of the three options or circumstances in which the mobile will not ask us for a password thanks to Smart Lock.

  • Body detection : Unlock the device once, and keep it unlocked while on the go. It is useful when we carry it with us and we are holding it. The terminal will lock up when it detects that it has landed somewhere.
  • Trusted sites : this option allows you to establish a safe place, where the terminal can be kept unlocked. When the Smart Lock detects that we are in that location, it will remain unlocked. We can add trusted sites just by clicking “Add a trusted site”. At that moment a map will appear in which we must mark the location. It goes without saying that we must have the mobile’s GPS activated for it to work properly.
  • Trusted devices : in this case, we can add trusted Bluetooth devices, to keep the mobile unlocked when they are connected. A smartwatch or car hands-free are some examples for this function.

Disable automatic unlock

To reverse the process, simply follow the steps above and enter Settings / Security / Smart Lock. Once done, we must once again enter the unlock code and deactivate the functions. That is, disable body function and remove all trusted saved sites and devices.

What to keep in mind

It is important to know that the location is always approximate. This means that the location of your trusted sites is likely to extend beyond the walls of your home or other custom site. The phone can remain unlocked within a radius of up to 80 meters. In addition, Google itself warns that location signals can be copied or manipulated, so that someone with access to specialized equipment could unlock the phone.

In the case of unlocking the movement, there are times when it can take between five and ten minutes to lock , like when we get into a car, a bus or a train. Also, if we go by plane or boat, it is possible that the device does not lock automatically. In this case we must not forget to block it manually if necessary. Google also makes it clear that the accelerometer data about the gait pattern is stored on the phone so that it can be determined if we are carrying it. The phone deletes this data when body detection is disabled.

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