How to Watch Apple TV + on Windows 10

Just as there is life beyond Spotify, when it comes to streaming music, there is also life beyond Netflix when it comes to series and movies. The giants of technology and entertainment have not wanted to miss the opportunity to enter the world of streaming to compete with these platforms and open a gap in the market. Apple is a clear example of this, since it offers its users a streaming music service, Apple Music, and its series and television platform, Apple TV + .

What is Apple TV +

Apple TV + is the alternative to Netflix with which the giant wants to break through into the entertainment market. Unlike other similar platforms, what stands out about this is that we can only see series and movies that have been produced by this company (known as Apple Originals ), which somewhat limits the content catalog, but guarantees a higher quality in existing content.

This streaming service is available for a large number of different platforms. We have the operating system we have, and the device we have, we will be able to access the Apple TV + catalog to watch the series or movies anywhere. However, as always, Apple makes things much easier within its own ecosystem, so viewing this content on other platforms can be somewhat complicated.

In the case of Windows, for example, we do not have an official app that allows us to access this content from the PC. Although there are ways to get a 100% functional app without much difficulty.

Differences with Apple TV

TV + is the company’s on-demand streaming service, but why is there another product called Apple TV? This name is shared by two products at the same time. On the one hand, we have our own app for iOS and macOS, which allows us to access TV + content, as well as content from other platforms (Amazon Prime Video, Disney +, etc.) from the same app. It is a kind of “hub” to have everything at hand without having to change from one app to another.

And on the other hand we have the physical Apple device to connect it to the television. This device uses an operating system called tvOS and wants to become a complete entertainment center. We can use it as an alternative to heavy SmartTV operating systems, and it will allow us to install all kinds of apps and games from the App Store.


Although we can get a trial month, as is usual in this type of product, being able to access the TV + catalog after this period implies paying a monthly fee. The price of this service is 4.99 euros per month , with the possibility of sharing it with other members of the family.

If we contract an Apple One package, TV + will also be included in the subscription.

Install an Apple TV + app on Windows 10

Thanks to progressive web applications , PWA, it is possible to install any web page on Windows as if it were just another program. We will have an independent window to use it, a shortcut icon and our own directory where all the temporary data generated is stored. In addition, when we get tired of it, we can uninstall and delete it, without leaving a trace, from the PC as if it were just another program.

If what we want is to “install” Edge in Windows 10, the first thing we will do is open Edge, Microsoft‘s browser based on Chromium, and enter the main Apple TV + website . Once inside the web, what we must do is open the browser options menu, and go to the Applications section. Inside we will find an option called “Install this site as an application”.

We will give it the name we want, and that’s it. We already have Apple TV + installed on Windows 10 . We can find on the desktop a direct access to this platform that will allow us to open its app by double clicking, and we will also find it in the start menu and in the universal Windows search engine. If we lose sight of it, it will also be in the “Applications” section, within the Edge configuration, along with all the other PWAs that we have created.

As we can see, the new app has an exclusive window for it. Thus, we can use it as if it were a native program for our operating system. After logging in with our account, we will be able to see all the series and all the movies on Windows without having to open a new tab in the browser. Even if we have a Chromecast on a home television, we will be able to transmit the content to it, despite the fact that the native Apple TV + apps do not allow it.

Don’t want to install anything? Access the platform from the browser

Having the Apple TV + app installed on Windows can be useful and practical if we use this platform very often. In the end, we stopped depending on the entire browser (which consumes many resources) in favor of a reduced instance designed to load only a specific website. But, if we do not want to install anything on the PC, we can also access this platform from our browser.

The Apple TV + website works perfectly on Windows from any browser, such as Chrome, Edge or Firefox. Interestingly, it will not work in Safari for Windows because it has been discontinued for years.

What to do with content purchased on Apple TV?

In addition to the series and movies included in Apple TV +, the subscription service, Apple TV is a store where we can rent, or buy, all kinds of movies to watch them quietly from home, on any device. Unfortunately, again, Apple sins of not providing us with access to this content.

From iOS, and from a Mac, we can search, rent / buy and watch any movie we want from the iTunes store. However, in Windows, things get complicated. Microsoft’s operating system has much more limited access to the company’s services and, although for a long time they have been promising an official app to access it, it never ends up arriving.

If we are users of the Microsoft operating system, and we have rented or bought movies from iTunes, we will be able to access them from the iTunes app for Windows.

iTunes Developer: Apple Inc.

Once inside iTunes, and after logging in with our Apple account, we can select the “TV Shows” section to access all this content.

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