How to watch YouTube in the car with Android Auto

Technology’s main function is to facilitate our day to day as much as possible. Every day we see how various technological devices come onto the market that come out of science fiction movies and others that do not surprise us so much.

One of the newest features of our mobile phones is Android Auto , which provides us with the ability to connect the device to the vehicle . In this way, all the applications that we have on the mobile will appear on the car screen, being able to execute some of them.

How to install Cartube

YouTube is not in the list of applications that you can open from Android Auto for certain reasons. So to play videos on the platform you will have to use Cartube .

To carry out the installation of this software you have to resort to an app that is not found on Google Play. This is the Android Auto Store , which has a list of tools that you can install in the vehicle. The steps to be able to enjoy YouTube in your car are:

  1. Download Android Auto Store on your phone through its Telegram channel and install it.
  2. Open the application and look for Cartube in the list.
  3. Press accept in the notice notified by the app and the installation process will begin.
  4. Connect the device to the vehicle and open Cartube .

I would already be. As you can see, it is quite simple, you can even log in with your Google account so that the content you usually play is more accessible. The app has a paid version with which we will unlock all the functions it hides.

Google does not allow it

The truth is that the number of apps that can be opened from Android Auto is very limited. In fact, the reason why you cannot access YouTube without this tool is due to security reasons imposed by Google itself .

Despite this, there are many tools to get more out of Android Auto. However, the US company could at some point block the access and use of Cartube. At the moment it is still operational, who knows how long.

Even so, it is mandatory to point out that it should not be used for the reproduction of videos to which you have to pay attention continuously, since when driving it is vitally important to keep all our senses in the work of driving to avoid accidents.

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