HP Printer Driver HP LIP3.21.4 Released with HP Envy 6400 Support

HP LIP, the HP printer driver for Linux, released version 3.21.4 today to support new devices and Linux distributions.

HPLIP 3.21.4 is a small release that adds support for HP Envy 6400 series printers and support for the new systems Linux Mint 20.1 and Debian 10.8. Ubuntu 21.04 has been released for a few weeks but is not yet supported.

In my case it works on Ubuntu 20.10 and Ubuntu 18.04, but it doesn’t install on Ubuntu 20.04.

Download and install HPLIP 3.21.4.

The HPLIP package is hosted on sourceforge.net. Please follow the link below to download the “hplip-3.21.4.run” package.

Download HPLIP (.run)

Then open the download folder in your file manager, right click on the blank area and[ターミナルで開く]Choose.

When the terminal opens, first run the command to add execute permission to the file.

chown +x hplip-3.21.4.run

Then run it to start the driver installation.


Completed by answering some questions in the terminal output.

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