hwinfo Hardware Information Tool – How to install hwinfo on Ubuntu

hwinfo is a free and open command line source system information tool for Linux. You can use this tool to find information about your system’s hardware and software. This is an openSUSE project, but it can be installed on any Linux distribution. You can get details such as graphics card, monitor, modem, scanner, CPU, memory RAM, hard disk, BIOS, camera, CD / DVD drive, keyboard, mouse, printer, Bluetooth, network interface card, USB and more. Based on the libhd library. Released under the GPL v2 + license.

Install the hwinfo system information tool on Ubuntu.

You can easily install the hwinfo system information tool on Ubuntu using the default ubuntu package manager. To do that, you need to open a command line app terminal. Press Ctrl + Alt + T together. ubuntu terminal will open. Then run this command to update the Ubuntu source software list.

sudo apt update

If required, enter the Ubuntu user password. Next, execute the following hwinfo system information tool installation command.

sudo apt install hwinfo

You will be asked for confirmation during the installation. Enter y for confirmation. After successful installation of the hwinfo system information tool, you can run this command in a terminal to open the tool.

sudo hwinfo
hwinfo --all

The above command will display all available details. You can use this command to get a summary.

hwinfo --short

If you want to make the details individual, you can use a command like

hwinfo --

Run this command for an example if you want CPU details.

hwinfo --cpu

Complete list here The list is below.

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All, arch, bios, block, bluetooth, braille, bridge, camera, cdrom, chip card, cpu, disk, dsl, dvb, fingerprint, floppy, framebuffer, gfxcard, hub, ide, isapnp, isdn, joystick, keyboard, memory , Modem, monitor, mouse, netcard, network, partition, pci, pcmcia, pcmcia-ctrl, pppoe, printer, redasd, reallyall, scanner, scsi, smp, sound, storage-ctrl, sys, tape, tv, uml, usb, usb-ctrl, vbe, wlan, xen, zip

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Usage of hwinfo:

hwinfo --help

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