Hypnotix – Watch live TV through an IPTV player developed by Linux Mint

Want to watch live TV on Ubuntu Linux? Try Hypnotic, a new IPTV player developed by the Linux Mint team.

Hypnotix Is a player application that streams from an IPTV provider and can be configured via a local M3U playlist, a remote M3U URL, or the Xtream API.

The player uses libmpv for video playback and is configured to ship with Free-IPTV as the default IPTV provider. You can easily remove it and set your own provider using the software settings dialog.

Hypnotix can handle not only live TV channels, but also VOD libraries for movies and TV series.

Content can be organized by category or season. You can also watch TV in left / right mode or full screen mode.

How to install Hypnotic on Ubuntu:

Hypnotix ships with Linux Mint 20.1. So far, it’s in beta. You can download the deb binary package from the github release page.

Hypnotix release

After downloading the .deb package, install it using the Gdebi package installer or run a command in your terminal to install it.

                      sudo apt install ./Downloads/hypnotix*.deb

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