iFixit 2021 MacBook Pro Teardown Highlights Easily replaceable batteries

Earlier this month, Apple removed the sleeves from the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros. The new MacBooks have a lot to offer with first-class performance and more ports. The good people at iFixit released the 2021 MacBook Pro Teardown.

One would expect the new MacBook Pro to achieve good repairability thanks to ports, MagSafe and a function key instead of a Touch Bar. IFixit’s teardown preview praises the new MacBook’s DIY friendliness.

Batteries are usually difficult to remove and are placed under a logic board. Well, the MacBook Pro battery comes with battery pull-tabs that allow you to swap out batteries without messing with the logic board or other critical components. iFixit notes that a MacBook Pro hasn’t seen battery pull-tabs in a long time.

The four outer batteries have pull tabs, while the middle cell is placed under the trackpad. After removing the trackpad, you will notice the battery pull-tabs for the center cell. iFixit says the new MacBook Pro has “the first somewhat DIY-friendly battery swap process since 2012”.

We’re just getting started, so we’ll have more MacBook Pro teardown goodness soon, including a full video and further analysis in this post. In the meantime, comment below and tell us what you’re excited about or ask your questions!

However, the full MacBook Pro teardown video is in the works and offers a better look at the hardware. iFixit only speaks of the easily replaceable battery in the preview. It looks like Apple did the right thing by bringing back the feature key, MagSafe store, ports, and spacious case. If you don’t want to wait, check out Redditor u / the_Ex_Lurker MacBook Pro Teardown.


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