Inkscape 1.1 released! How to install on Ubuntu 20.04 or later

Inkscape, a free open source vector graphics editor, released a new major version 1.1 a few days ago. Here’s how to install it on Ubuntu 20.04, Ubuntu 21.04, and Linux Mint 20.x.

Inkscape 1.1 features a new welcome screen that lets you choose canvas colors, keyboard shortcut styles, and dark mode switching.

The various tabs also show how to post, options to open recently used files, and how to size the document.

This release also introduces a new display mode, Outline Overlays, created by Jabier Arraiza.

A mute view (opacity) of the drawing appears behind the outline of the object that responds to clicks, so you can see that everything is in order.

Other changes Inkscape 1.1 include:

  • Press the new Command Palette, to open it. With the keyboard.
  • Improved dialog docking system
  • Use the node tool to copy, cut, and paste the selected node.
  • New “Export PNG Image” dialog for exporting JPG, WebP, TIFF and optimized PNG.
  • Beta new “extension manager”.

How to install Inkscape 1.1 on Ubuntu:

The easiest way to install the editor is official Snap package ..

Also, the non-installed Appimage Official download page .. Download it, make it executable in the file’s Properties-> Permissions dialog, and finally click Run to launch the program.

For those who like the classic apt method, the Inkscape team Official Ubuntu PPA ..

1. Press Ctrl + Alt + T on your keyboard or search for Terminal from the system application menu to open a terminal. Once open, run the command to add the PPA.

                      sudo add-apt-repository

When prompted, enter your user password (without asterisk feedback) and press Enter.

2. Then run the command to install or upgrade the vector graphics editor.

                      sudo apt install inkscape

Or upgrade via software updater


To delete the PPA repository[ソフトウェアと更新]Open and[その他のソフトウェア]Go to the tab. Then delete the relevant repository row.

To remove Inkscape, use Synaptic Package Manager or run the following command in your terminal:

                      sudo apt remove --autoremove inkscape

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