Instagram Threads will be closed in December: here’s why

Instagram has started showing threads users a notification directing them back to Instagram continue to send messages to their friends. By December 2021, threads will completely disappear as a meta —Facebook and Instagram’s parent company — it eventually closes.

Why is Threads on its way out? Let’s find out …

How threads differ from Instagram

Instagram launched the standalone Threads app in 2019 to enable its users to share videos, photos, stories and messages with “close Friends “(an exclusive list of people you acknowledge close Friends). Threads is (or was) Instagram’s attempt to compete with Snapchatsince they worked essentially the same way.

Shortly thereafter, threads came out Instagram killed its previous messenger app, Direct, the purpose of which was to provide direct text functionality for Instagram User without opening the main app. Now Threads is also getting killed after a lackluster two year run.

Why the demise of threads was inevitable

Facebook’s name change from Meta to Meta is part of the company’s efforts to unify its products. This integration has created a lot of overlap between the different products. To the example, Instagram and Messenger are now unified, making threads redundant. In fact, the company updated Threads last year to do it all Instagram messages displayed within the app.

Additionally, Threads did not deliver a smooth user experience, resulting in lackluster reviews in app stores and few downloads. It was a clunky experience, forcing users to switch back and forth between threads and the main app. After a few tries, several users got fed up and got stuck with the main app completely forgetting about threads. And it turned out that Threads never managed more than 14 million downloads compared to Instagram, which has nearly 1.4 billion monthly active users.

Instagram Threads never marketed aggressively which would explain the lackluster downloads. It is as if Instagram started threads and then forgot about it by itself, not reminding users that it even existed.

Topics are not missed

It is likely that Threads currently has fewer than 100,000 active users. If you are one of them, chances are you’re a die-hard user. However, it is time to prepare to say goodbye for that long and say goodbye when Threads closes in December. And if you’re looking for a replacement there is always Snapchat.

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