Install and use cmder-Windows console emulator

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When you install Windows and want to access the console, you will have to stick to the command line (cmd) or find what you need in PowerShell. If these two tools are not enough to meet your needs, then you can jump into other alternatives to get the job done. One of the alternatives we are discussing today is the Cmder Console Emulator.

Cmder is a software package that was created out of frustration due to the lack of console emulators available on Windows.It is based on E Overhaul the main configuration.It comes with a Monokai color scheme and an amazing jingle sound (further enhanced Clink completed ) And custom prompt layout. These are far beyond the additional features in the default shell that comes with Windows by default.

The main advantage of Cmder is its portability. It is designed to be completely independent without any external dependencies, so it is very suitable for USB memory sticks or cloud storage. Therefore, you can carry consoles, aliases and binaries (such as wget, curl, and git) with you.

Cmder function-Windows console emulator

The following are the main features of the Cmder console emulator for Windows.

Vendor Git

By default, Cmder is provided with the Git installation provided by the manufacturer. On each instance of Cmder that is started, it will try to find any Git binaries provided by other users. After finding the git.exe binary file, Cmder will execute it to compare its version with the vendor’s version. You can confirm that Git is available by simply calling the famous git command as follows:

Access multiple shells

Once Cmder is installed, you can access multiple shells in one window using tabs, which allows you to open multiple tabs, each of which contains one of the following shells:

Power shell

You only need to run PowerShell at the cmder prompt, as shown below, PowerShell will be loaded

Command prompt

Similar to starting PowerShell, the command prompt can be loaded in the same way by typing “cmd” at the cmder prompt, as shown below

Install cmder on Windows

The following are the installation steps of cmder on Windows system.

Install a single user portable configuration

Go to cmder Publish page And download the latest.

After putting the archive file into the local computer, please unzip it, do not put it under “C:Program Files” or any other location where the administrator access is required to modify the configuration file.

(Optional) Put your own executable file into the “%cmder_root%bin” folder to inject into your path .

Run the Cmder.exe file and it should be happy to open your application

Cmder will load as follows

in conclusion

Cmder has its own advantages and good functions, which cannot be achieved only by PowerShell or command line. By incorporating many functions, such as launching the command line in the same window as the application, Cmder is a tool that you can afford if you are looking for a convenient portable console emulator for the Windows operating system.You can view more information about Cmder on it Official GitHub page Here you will find other features to make your experience even better.

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You can download this article in PDF format via the link below to support us.
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