Install Microsoft Teams Fedora 35/34/33/32/31

Microsoft has released the Teams application for Linux users. Microsoft Teams is an application used for unified communication and collaboration through video conferencing, messaging and chat, file sharing, and other applications (such as git, monitoring tools, CI/CD pipelines, etc.). This guide will discuss how to Fedora Linux operating system.

Install Microsoft Teams Fedora 35/34/33/32/31

rpm package can be used Fedora And CentOS users.The software package can be downloaded from the following website Publish page . In our tutorial, we will use the YUM repository.

To add the official Microsoft YUM repository for the MS Teams package:

                        sudo sh -c 'echo -e "[teams]nname=teamsnbaseurl=" > /etc/yum.repos.d/teams.repo'

Then import the repository GPG:

                        sudo rpm --import

Install Microsoft Teams now Fedora Linux:

                         sudo dnf check-update
 sudo dnf install teams

Agree to start the installation process:

Transaction Summary
Install  84 Packages

Total size: 141 M
Installed size: 382 M
Is this ok [y/N]: y

Start and use Microsoft Teams Fedora workstation

After installation, use the command line interface or launch the application from the desktop environment.

Provide your organization email address for login or create a new account and click “ Next “. Install team on linux 02

Like to use the Microsoft Teams application on Linux for daily work communication/project collaboration with colleagues and external consultants/suppliers, etc.

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