Install NCSA Mosaic on Ubuntu – First Graphical Web Browser

Yes, it is. You can easily install NCSA Mosaic on Ubuntu via snap. For those who don’t know Mosaic, NCS Mosaic (1993-1997) was one of the first graphical web browsers to display images inline with text and was developed by the National Center for Supercomputing Applications. Supports Archie, FTP, gopher, HTTP, NNTP, telnet, WAIS internet protocols. Some interesting facts are Mosaic, licensed by Microsoft from Spyglass to create the first Internet Explorer in 1995, Netscape Navigator was inspired by the Mosaic Web browser and was developed by the original Mosaic author.

Note: It doesn’t work with modern internet protocols (eg https!) And not with today’s web.

How to install NCSA Mosaic on Ubuntu:

Open the terminal app (ctrl + alt + t) and run this NCSA mosaic snap install command.

sudo snap install mosaic

Next, you need to enter the Ubuntu user password and confirm the installation. After installation, run this command to open NCSA Mosaic in Ubuntu.


If you want to feel the good old days, you can test on the system.

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NCSA Mosaic Home Page:Source