Install TLPUI in Ubuntu or Linux Mint via PPA

Tebao Is the user interface used TLP, An advanced power management configuration tool for Linux, designed to extend battery life.
TLPUI can read and display TLP configuration, display default values ​​and unsaved changes, and load tlp-stat to display simple and complete statistics.
Back in September, when I published an article about TLPUI (Linux Uprising) Application PPA It doesn’t exist yet, but since I found this tool very useful, I think some people might like to package it in PPA, so it can be easier on Ubuntu and Ubuntu-based Linux distributions (such as Linux Mint or basic OS) Install and update.

Linux Uprising Apps PPA (which is very new) currently has only a few software packages-Birdtray, VLC BitTorrent plugin and the current TLP GUI, but I hope it will grow over time. It only contains software that is not provided in the Ubuntu archive, so it will not be mixed with anything that may already be installed on the system, so if some operations do not work, you can delete the package and then continue to use PPA for other packages .[[Edit 18 Feb, 2020]]TLPUI has been updated to support the new configuration scheme in the latest TLP 1.3 (it supports the configuration of the old versions of the latest TLP 1.3 and TLP 0.8). To use TLPUI that supports TLP 1.3, please get the latest Git code of TLPUI (Ubuntu PPA has been updated to the latest Git). Users who want to install TLPUI from Linux Uprising Apps PPA can use the following command:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:linuxuprising/apps
sudo apt update
sudo apt install tlpui

PPA has TLPUI packages for Ubuntu 16.04, 18.04, and 18.10 (and therefore also for Linux Mint 18 and 19). Or you can download Extract the DEB software package from PPA instead of adding it to the software source.
You can also install TLPUI from source code-the previous TLPUI article on Linux Uprising describes how to generate DEB packages from its source code.
As a side note, the PPA package installs a desktop file so that TLPUI appears in your application menu. If you install TLPUI from source code, you need to create it manually.