Installing Docker on Centos 7

Docker is software for automating the deployment and management of applications in containerized environments. Allows you to “package” an application with all its environment and dependencies into a container that can be ported to any Linux system with support for cgroups in the kernel, and also provides an environment for managing containers.

Install EPEL and REMI repositories

                        [[email protected]]# yum -y install epel-release
[[email protected]]# yum -y install

Install the software and update

                        [[email protected]]# yum -y install wget nano mc zip upzip htop yum-utils
[[email protected]]# yum -y update

Install the Docker repository

                        [[email protected]]# yum-config-manager --add-repo

Install Docker

                        [[email protected]]# yum -y install docker-ce

We launch it and add it to startup

                        [[email protected]]# systemctl start docker
[[email protected]]# systemctl enable docker

To test, run the hello-world image

                        [[email protected]]# docker run hello-world

Commands for working with containers will be discussed in another article.

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