Insync 3 Beta has OneDrive sync support on Linux

Asynchronous 3 The beta version was recently released, many changes were made internally, and there was one major new feature: support A drive And OneDrive for Business. Insync is a third-party Google Drive desktop synchronization client (now also supports OneDrive). It works on Windows, Mac and Linux and is not free to use (see price Page), but you can try it for 15 days for free. The stable version features support for multiple accounts, team drive support, file manager integration, a feed of the latest file changes, symbolic link support, and more.

Insync 3 Linux client user interface and taskbar icons

Insync 3 is in beta and is free to use, but once the beta phase ends, synchronization will stop unless you already have a license or have purchased a license.

The added OneDrive support makes Insync the only GUI sync client for OneDrive running on Linux (at least I know). However, this is not the only change in the new Insync 3 beta.
For Insync 3, the synchronization engine is called “Core 3” in this release, has been rewritten using Python 3, and includes improved internal processing capabilities and faster, more reliable file synchronization. It also makes it easier to add support for more cloud providers, so hopefully Insync will support more services in the future.

I used Insync to sync OneDrive files in Nautilus (Gnome FIles app)

Other changes in Insync 3 Beta:

  • Microsoft SharePoint support
  • Simplified onboarding
  • Modified synchronization user interface
  • “My Drive” and a separate sync folder shared with me

The “Insync 3 Beta” page also states that “due to time and resource constraints,” there will be no Insync 3 headless build and command line interface.
It is important to note that Insync 3 is in beta and many of its features are under development and are not yet available. In this release, it is currently not possible to sync folders using existing Insync 1.5, pause and resume synchronization, ignore rules, document conversions, symbolic links, proxy support and more. So please visit Asynchronous 3 pages , Please scroll down to the “Before You Begin” and “Still In Progress” sections and make sure to read everything before installing and using Insync 3 beta! Insync 3 beta can be downloaded from Linux, Windows and Mac .
For a free open source command line alternative that supports not only OneDrive, but also many other cloud storage services, we recommend you check clone . See also: How to mount OneDrive in Linux using Rclone (supports corporate and personal accounts)
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