Integrate the terminal into the Ubuntu 20.04 / Ubuntu 21.04 file manager

Want to embed your device in Ubuntu files, Nautilus file manager? Nautilus Terminal is a project to do that job.

Nautilus Terminal is an open source project started in 2010. Currently, version 4.x supports up to Nautilus 40.

With it, you have a terminal integrated into each file window and tab.The terminal follows the navigation without running cd When you run the command, the terminal will automatically move to the directory when you move to the folder in the file manager.

The terminals can be placed at the top (default) or at the bottom. You can show or hide it by pressing F4 on your keyboard. It also supports drag and drop of files on your device.

You can right-click on the terminal area to perform a copy and paste action to go to that preference.

“Settings” does open the Dconf editor (must be installed in the Ubuntu software first) and go to the “/ org / flozz / nautilus-terminal” settings page. You can configure it there:

  • Background color.
  • Text color.
  • font.
  • Focus by default.
  • Toggle the shortcut.
  • Terminal placement.
  • Custom command.

How to install Nautilus terminal on Ubuntu 20.04 or later:

The project developer maintained the Ubuntu PPA, but it is no longer updated. Ubuntu 20.04 and later users can now install from PyPi by running the following command:

1.) Press Ctrl + Alt + T on your keyboard to open a terminal. Once open, first run the command to install the required libraries.

                      sudo apt install python3-nautilus python3-psutil python3-pip libglib2.0-bin dconf-editor

2.) Next, use the command to install the Nautilus terminal.

                      sudo pip3 install nautilus-terminal

3.) Execute the command to install it system-wide.

                      sudo nautilus-terminal --install-system

4.) Finally restart Nautilus to apply the changes. To do this, run the following command:

                      nautilus -q

Note: Ubuntu 18.04 users can run the previous commands one at a time by replacing them. python3 When python Get the integrated device in the file.

How to remove Nautilus Terminal:

To remove the integrated terminal, simply run the pip command with the uninstall flag in the terminal.

                      sudo pip3 uninstall nautilus-terminal -y

Then restart Nautilus in step 4.) to apply the changes.

For more information on Arch Linux, Fedora, and more Nautilus Terminal Project Page ..

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