Interactively kill processes with fkill – install fkill on Ubuntu

Fkill (Fabulous Kill) is a free open source command line process killer application for Linux, macOS, and Windows. With this tool, you can interactively and easily kill running system processes. You can enter one or more process IDs, names, and ports to kill. You can also search for running processes. Released under the MIT license under Nodejs.

Install fkill on Ubuntu

fkill is available as an Ubuntu snap package. Easy to install from the terminal. Open the terminal app (ctrl + alt + t) and run the following command to install and configure fkill.

sudo snap install fkill
sudo snap connect fkill:process-control :process-control
sudo snap connect fkill:system-observe :system-observe

Then run fkill with the following command:


Use the arrow keys or type directly to find the process and press Enter to kill the process.

You can also install via npm. First, install nodejs using the link below.

How to install Node.js and npm using NVM on Ubuntu

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Reboot the system and run the following command.

npm install fkill

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