iPhone 13 Could Have a Smaller Notch Thanks to New Face ID Chip

A new DigiTimes report claims that Apple will use smaller Face ID chips on iPhones and iPads from later this year. This further adds credence to rumors of Apple launching the iPhone 13 series with a smaller notch.

The report claims that Apple has managed to reduce the die size of VCSEL chips used in Face ID’s 3D sensors by 40-50%. This move will also help the company in reducing production costs since more dies can be produced in one wafer. The smaller chips will free up internal space allowing Apple to reduce the notch size. It is unclear if Apple is planning to make any other improvements to the Face ID sensors.

The smaller Face ID sensors will first make their way inside the iPhone 13 series. Eventually, Apple will use them on its iPad Pro lineup as well.

Rumors indicate the iPhone 13 series will feature a notch that’s about 30% smaller than the iPhone 12 series. Many iPhone users have long been asking Apple to ditch the notch. While not the best solution, a smaller notch might just please a lot of notch-haters out there. Apple is also working on under-display Face ID technology, and if rumors are anything to go by, the technology could make its debut on the iPhones sooner than later.

Will you be happy with Apple debuting a smaller notch on the iPhone 13 series? Or do you want the company to get rid of the notch completely?


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