iPhone inspired by Tesla’s cybertruck: Caviar’s Cyberphone

The Russian company Caviar, known for their great gadget modifications, has developed the cyberphone. The design of the Cyberphone is inspired by the design of Tesla’s Cybertruck. Caviar brings together two of the most luxurious brands, Apple and Tesla, that are sure to cause a stir.

Cyberphone is a breathtaking modification of the iPhone 11 Pro with “sharp edges and a sophisticated geometric design”. It has an unusual design that has not yet been seen on the market. The product is described as futuristic and progressive, probably due to the sleek and gorgeous design. It generates the same buzz that the Cybertruck generated due to its unusual design.

“In the device you can feel the conscious geometry of the lines, the simplicity of the forms and the versatility of the materials.”

-Caviar website

It has a titanium case that offers absolute screen protection with an ergonomic design. It offers protection and covers all sides of the phone. The top of the titanium cover folds and unfolds to reveal the iPhone’s screen. The phone itself is covered with metal plates on all sides.

The video published on the website shows the Tesla accident in which the Cybertruck window glass broke when it was hit by a stone. The mishap is presented in an amusing way, which at the same time shows the main purpose of this mod, which is “absolute screen protection”.

“The titanium body of the smartphone is completely protected from external mechanical influences: the back, the sides and even the screen are hidden under metal plates.”

-Caviar website

Although it is futuristic, it seems rather inconvenient for everyday use. It does offer amazing protection, however, which is the goal of the product. The product will retail for $ 5,256 and will be a limited edition run of just 99 units. The phone is now available for pre-order on the Caviar website. Go ahead and grab one if you’re interested.

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