iRASPA Molecular Visualizer & editor – How to install iRASPA on Ubuntu

iRASPA is a free Molecular Visualizer & Editor for Linux, MacOS and Windows. The best and most convenient software for materials scientists. Released under the MIT license. Supports metals, metal oxides, ceramics, biomaterials, zeolites, clays, metal organic frameworks and more. Includes a CoRE Metal-Organic Frameworks database with over 8000 structures.

With iRASPA, you can create and edit structures, images, and movies. It also comes with ambient occlusion, high dynamic range rendering, snap surfaces, text annotations, cell replicas and supercells. Supports cylinders, spheres, polygonal prisms and symmetry operations. The supported input formats are CIF, mmCIF, PDB, XYZ, VASP POSCAR / CONTCAR / XDATCAR. The supported output formats are CIF-, 8/16-bit, RGB/CMYK, lossless TIFF for images, mp4 (h264) for movies.

Install iRASPA on Ubuntu

You can install iRASPA Molecular Visualizer and Editor via Snap Package Manager. Open the terminal software (Ctrl + Alt + T) and run this iRASPA snap install command.

sudo snap install iraspa

Then enter the Ubuntu user password. You can use this command in terminal to launch iRASPA Molecular Visualizer & Editor in Ubuntu.


iRASPA Molecular Visualizer & editor – How to install iRASPA on Ubuntu

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