Keep your distance with Google’s Sodar AR app

Social distancing health guidelines during the pandemic usually recommend keeping a distance of two meters (about six feet) from anyone you won’t meet.

Google’s Sodar web app makes it easier to determine the correct distance to stay safe by superimposing a two meter visual radius ring in the camera view of your Android phone. How to use it.

Start the app

Sodar is not available as a standalone app in the Play Store. Instead, you just need the Chrome Browser on your Android phone and enter the following url:

If your device is compatible – and most modern Android phones should be – you will get a green one. displayed begin Button. Press it to launch the Sodar web app. When asked for permission to access your phone’s camera, select Allow.

Show a 2 m radius ring

To locate the ground, the Sodar app will ask you to point and move your phone’s camera towards the ground. Do this and after a few seconds you should see a pattern of dots overlaid in the camera view.

Tilt your phone back up and you will see the edge of a ring that is 2 meters in radius, indicating a distance of two meters from your position.

When checking with a tape measure, we found that it reads pretty much the correct two meters distance, although objects such as furniture can confuse it. It’s accurate enough to give you a good idea of ​​the proper safety distance to keep.

How to use Google’s Sodar AR app

You can now use the Sodar web app to display a two meter radius augmented reality ring around you for safe social distancing when you are on the go. Sodar is one of Google’s experimental apps that use WebXR and merge AR and VR on the web to make them more convenient and widely accessible.

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