KeePass 2.48 released with support for the KDBX 4.1 file format [Ubuntu PPA]

KeePass Password Manager released version 2.48 a few days ago. Here’s how to install it on Ubuntu 21.04, Ubuntu 20.04, Ubuntu 18.04 via PPA.

KeePass 2.48 Version 4.1 of the KDBX file format has been introduced. It supports a variety of new features, including:

  • Group tag support,
  • Ability to disable password quality estimates
  • Remember the previous parent group when moving an entry / group to another group
  • Added name and last modified or deleted time to custom icon
  • Saves the last modified time of a custom date item.

Other changes are as follows:

  • Added command “Move to previous parent group”
  • Add support for loading images using Exif directional tags.
  • We’ve extended the LastPass import module to support CSV files created with the latest version.
  • Extend the nPassword import module to import group tags.
  • Various user interface improvements.

How to install KeePass 2.48 on Ubuntu via PPA:

KeePass2 continues Ubuntu PPA.. So far, the PPA supports Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu 20.04, Ubuntu 20.10, and Ubuntu 21.04.

1.) Open a terminal and execute the command to add the PPA.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntuhandbook1/keepass2

2.) Then use the command to update the system package cache.

sudo apt update

3.) Finally, install the mono-based password safe package.

sudo apt install keepass2

Uninstall KeePass2.

To remove the software package, run the command in the terminal.

sudo apt remove --autoremove keepass2

Then remove Ubuntu PPA via command.

sudo add-apt-repository --remove ppa:ubuntuhandbook1/keepass2

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