KeePassXC is an amazing community-driven open source password manager [Not Cloud Based]

Introduction: KeePassXC is a useful open source cross-platform password manager, even if it is not a cloud-based tool, it will not compromise functionality. Here, we have a quick look.

KeePassXC: Cross-platform open source password manager

KeePassXC is a community branch KeePassX Aim to be KeePass password security (For Windows). It is completely free and can be used across platforms (Windows, Linux and macOS)

In fact, it is currently one of the best password managers for Linux. It provides options for novice and advanced users who want to use advanced controls to protect the password database on the system.

Yes, unlike my favorite Bitwarden password manager, KeePassXC is not cloud-based, and the password never leaves the system. Some users prefer not to store their passwords and secrets in the cloud server.

When you start using a password manager, you should find all the basic functions you need. However, here, in order to get you started early, I will focus on some of the features provided.

Features of KeePassXC

Keepassxc screenshot

It is worth noting that for novices, these features may be a little overwhelming. However, considering that you want to make the most of it, I think you should actually know what it offers:

  • Password generator
  • Ability to import passwords from 1Password, KeePass 1, and any CSV file
  • Easily share databases by exporting and synchronizing with SSL certificate support
  • Support database encryption (256-bit AES)
  • Browser integration available (optional)
  • Ability to search for your credentials
  • Automatically enter the password into the app
  • Database reports to check password health and other statistics
  • Support export to CSV and HTML
  • 2 factor authentication token support
  • Attach file to password
  • YubiKey support
  • Command line options are available
  • SSH agent integration available
  • If necessary, change the encryption algorithm
  • Ability to download website icons using DuckDuckGO
  • Database automatic lock timeout
  • Ability to clear clipboard and search queries
  • Automatic file saving
  • Folder/nested folder support
  • Set voucher expiration
  • Available dark themes
  • Cross-platform support

As you can see, it is indeed a feature-rich password manager. Therefore, if you want to take advantage of all the options available, it is recommended that you explore them appropriately.

Keepassxc settings

Install KeePassXC on Linux

You should find it in the software center of the installed distribution.

You can also obtain AppImage files from the official website. If you don’t know yet, I suggest you check our guide on using AppImage files in Linux.

In either case, you can find a snapshot of it. In addition to this, you can also get Ubuntu PPA, Debian packages, Fedora packages and Arch packages.

If you are curious, you can explore Official download page Check the available packages and check their GitHub page And the source code.

Get KeePassXC

wrap up

If you don’t like cloud-based open source password managers such as Bitwarden, then KeePassXC should be a great choice for you.

The many options you get here can make your password secure and easy to maintain on multiple platforms. Even if you don’t have an “official” mobile app provided by the developer team, you can try some of them Recommended Applications Compatible with the database and provide the same functions.

Have you tried KeePassXC? What do you prefer to use as a password manager? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.