KGX – Aiming to make a minimal terminal emulator the core app for GNOME and Phosh

KGX is a simple and user-friendly terminal emulator for GNOME. It aims to be a graphical shell for mobile devices such as GNOME and Phosh’s “core” app, Purism’s Librem 5.

Instead of replacing the GNOME terminal, the goal is to serve casual Linux users who rarely need a terminal to perform simple command line tasks. Through the libhandy library, the device is well tuned for small screen sizes and touch usage.

KGX terminal emulator. Images from

The name KGX is the station code for King’s Cross, the end point of London on the East Coast Main Line. This app is available in Ubuntu repositories since Ubuntu 21.04, but the package version is delayed.

Ubuntu 21.10 Stock KGX has a translucent app window and the UI looks like a Gnome terminal. It’s lightweight and has few features.

Ubuntu 21.10 KGX

Install KGX on Ubuntu 21.10 / 22.04.

For Ubuntu 21.04, Ubuntu 21.10, and the next Ubuntu 22.04, it’s easy to try this terminal emulator by pressing Ctrl + Alt + T on your keyboard and then running commands in the terminal to install it.

                      sudo apt install kgx

Then search for and open a terminal emulator from the activity summary.

Stock packages are always old, but you can also build from the sources available at the following URL: KGX project page ..

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