KGX – Minimal Terminal Emulator for Linux

KGX or King’s Cross is a free open source terminal emulator for Linux. This is a simple device for the average and casual CLI user. Works well with GNOME and Phosh systems. You can host multiple sessions per window in a nifty tab. Hold down the Ctrl key and use the mouse to click the link to open it. Comes with integrated support for file nautilus extensions, keyboard shortcuts and filter support. It is released under the GNU General Public License v3.

Install KGX on Ubuntu Linux

It’s available from the default Ubuntu repository, so it’s easy to install with the apt command in your terminal. Open the terminal app (ctrl + alt + t) and execute the following command. The latest version of KGX will be installed on your system.

sudo apt install kgx

You can open it with the application menu or the following command


that’s all. This device can also be used with small screen sizes and touch.

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