Kinto – Easily get MacOS like keybindings on Ubuntu Linux

If Mac users want to change key bindings on Ubuntu Linux or Windows, Kinto is a simple system-wide solution with a setup wizard and system tray indicator.

According to the software description:

‘Enter Linux and Windows like Mac. Seamless copy and paste on all apps and devices. Zero effort solution. “

Kinto works with standard Windows, Apple and Chromebook keyboards. Unlike most other remappers, this is a complete system-wide remap of base-level modifier keys.

GUI key:

PhysicalCtrlWin / AltAlt / CmdSpace bar
virtualWin / Super *AltRCtrlSpace bar

Terminal key:

PhysicalCtrlWin / AltAlt / CmdSpace bar
virtualLCtrlAltRCtrlSpace bar

How to install Kinto on Ubuntu:

Make sure you have Python 3 installed, then follow the steps to get the source and set it up.

1. Open a terminal and run the command to clone the source.

git clone

2. Then run the command and go to kinto Run the folder, Screenplay.

cd kinto && ./

If all goes well, the setup wizard will pop up

[同意する]Just click the button, follow the wizard and press Enter and you’re done. The system tray indicator is not enabled by default.[ファイル]You can enable it from the menu.

to see Kinto on github..

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