Kodi18.9 released with workaround for HTTP access [PPA]

Kodi Media Center released another 18.x “Leia” update a day ago. This includes a quick workaround for third-party HTTP2 and SSL changes that affect Internet access from Kodi, such as by scrapers and streaming add-ons.

Now, another roll of “Leia” dies, which is actually driven by a situation we can’t control. Technical changes with Cloudflare have caused serious problems with HTTP access to sites that use them (such as metadata sources). You need to take immediate workarounds before everyone is upset. The 19.x “matrix” is close, but not enough to leave these issues unaddressed. So when I was writing new code, I thought it would be better to fix some other regressions while I was here.

Change Kodi 18.9 Also includes:

  • Fixed a memory leak in TexturePacker
  • Fixed event server not being able to send raw key strikes
  • Fixed an issue with directory navigation and incorrectly set the starting directory
  • Fixed MediaCodec OES / EGL rendering

How to install Kodi18.9 on Ubuntu:

Kodi Team PPA Has created new release packages for all current Ubuntu releases and derivatives.

1. From the Applications menu or press Ctrl + Alt + T on your keyboard to open a terminal. Once open, run the command to add the PPA.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:team-xbmc/ppa

Enter your user password (without asterisk feedback) when prompted and press Enter to continue.

2. Next, upgrade Kodi from an existing version via Software Updater.

Upgrade Kodi

Alternatively, update the system package cache and use the command to install Kodi18.9.

sudo apt update

sudo apt install kodi


To delete the Kodi PPA repository[ソフトウェアとアップデート]->[その他のソフトウェア]Just open.

To remove Kodi, run the following command:

sudo apt remove --autoremove kodi kodi-data kodi-bin

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