Ksnip Screenshot Tool 1.8.0 has been released as an excellent alternative to shutters

The Ksnip Screenshot Tool released version 1.8.0 a few days ago, making it even more powerful with many great new features and improvements.

Ksnip is a free open source Qt-based screenshot tool with editing capabilities. It runs on Window, Mac OS, and Linux (both X and Wayland). Shutter isn’t actively developed, so it’s getting more and more problems due to the old Gnome dependency library. And Ksnip is a great option.

Ksnip 1.8.0 adds the ability to pin screenshots to frameless windows that stay in the foreground. This feature was ported from Flameshot. Without saving the screenshot, the app’s Options menu has a Pin option to set it to the foreground, which disappears when double-clicked.

The new release also adds new and improved editing tools, including:

  • Added pixelated image area tool
  • Zoom in and out
  • Added window effects: drop shadows, grayscale, borders
  • Adds a numeric pointer that contains an arrow annotation item.
  • Add an interface for adding custom tab context menu actions.
  • Add a text pointer annotation item.
  • Adds a text pointer that contains an arrow annotation item.
  • Adds an option to automatically switch to selecting a tool after drawing an item.
  • Double-click to edit the text box.
  • Resize the element while maintaining the aspect ratio.

There are also improved screenshot tabs such as:

  • In the context menu of the screenshot tab[保存]and[名前を付けて保存]Add an option.
  • Add an open directory and copy the path to the clipboard in the context menu of the saved tab.
  • [編集]Adds an option to delete saved images from both the menu or the tab context menu.
  • [編集]Allows you to rename saved screenshot images from both the menu or the tab context menu.

Other features are:

  • Add Unity / Integration Test.
  • Add a brewing barrel package for Mac and use your own love.
  • Add image quality options to the settings page.
  • Use xdg-desktop-portal to add support for cross-platform Wayland screenshots.
  • Add support for loading images from stdin.
  • Add the screenshot option to your desktop file as an application action. Add Ksnip to your desktop keyboard shortcuts to launch screens, windows, or area shots.
  • Hiding the main window in the screenshot is optional.
  • Open multiple files at once in tabs.
  • Allow changes to the selected rectangle before taking a screenshot.
  • Option to hide the main window after taking a screenshot.
  • Add a new option to the system tray indicator menu.
  • Upload multiple stickers at once.
  • Allows you to delete your imgur account.
  • Bug fixes and other improvements.

Download / Install Ksnip:

This software provides the official binary package on the github release page.

Download Ksnip

For Ubuntu Linux, get the .appimage package, make it executable in the file’s Properties window, and finally right-click and select Run to launch the tool.

You can also download the .deb package. Then install it via the Gdebi package installer or by running a command in the terminal.

                      sudo apt install ./Downloads/ksnip-1.8.0.deb

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