Leak: AirTags Could Cost $39, Will be Smaller Than Its Competitors

For the past year, we have been hearing a lot about Apple’s Item Tracker. The new tracker was rumored to arrive last week, but it turned out to be a hoax. Max Weinbach and YouTuber EverythingApple Pro have revealed that AirTags could be priced at $39 and revealed some specifications.

The YouTuber reveals AirTags dimension as 32mm x 32mm x 6mm. Furthermore, it will use the Find My Network device to “send UUID of the AIrTag to the Apple servers for pinging.” He also adds that AirTags will transfer no additional data. In all likelihood, the AirTags is powered by a BLE beacon that broadcasts continuously. Meanwhile, any iPhone with Find My activated can pick up the signal. Weinbach adds that Tags can pick up the signal from other nearby AirTags and pass along the data.

Previous reports claimed AirTags would be available in two variants. Each one will be of a different size. However, the latest report doesn’t mention anything about two variants or AirTags being offered in different sizes. Another possibility is that Weinbach might be talking about one of the AirTags variants.

Most importantly, Weinbach reports that AirTags could be priced at $39. It seems more of a guess rather than anything solid. Weinbach says, “We are expecting AirTags to be accessories, and they estimate the price to be around $39, but that’s an estimate,” Weinbach is quoted as saying in the video based on information from a “retail source.”

Interestingly a slew of accessories meant for AirTags has already been leaked. Even iOS 14 has references to the trackers in the updated Find My App. It has also been leaked in 3D renders. The AirTags is expected to be launched in the first half of this year and will go at loggerheads with Tile Pro.

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