Beginners guide to the Linux operating system. Eight simple tutorials which cover the basics of LInux.

QQ for Linux 2.0 Beta2 with improved stability has been released

QQ for Linux, a popular instant messaging app developed by Tencent, released its second beta on April Fools Day. QQ development on Linux is very slow. Five months have passed since the last release. QQ for Linux 2.0 Beta 2 features: Improved stability. Group chat support. The new beta is now much more stable than… read more »

How to Install Sourcetrail on Ubuntu – Free Source Explorer

Sourcetrail is a free and open source source explorer for Windows, macOS and Linux. This makes it easy to find source or unfamiliar source code. Since it is an offline source explorer, there is no need to connect to the internet and your code is secure. It provides an overall overview and details of the… read more »

Fre: ac Audio Converter 1.1 Released with Dark Mode Support

Fre: ac audio converter 1.1 was released a few days ago.Here ’s how to install it in Ubuntu 18.04 and higher. Fre: ac 1.1 is a new major release with tons of new features.Highlights include: Official Linux, Mac OS, and 64-bit Windows binaries. Support for dark mode on Windows and macOS A reworked conversion engine… read more »

How to Install WordPress with LAMP Stack On Ubuntu

In this guide I will show you How to Install WordPress with LAMP Stack On Ubuntu. WordPress is Website Development, Blogging and Web Hosting Company, which is very Convenient for those who are intrested in Website related stuff like creating website, Web hosting just because of it’s highly customizable features, easily available plugins and options like… read more »

How to Install Shortwave on Ubuntu – Internet Radio Player

Shortwave is a free open source internet radio player for Linux. You can use it to find and listen to your favorite Internet radio stations on your desktop. I use a radio browser. info is a community station database released under the GNU General Public License v3 license. It has an automatic song recognition function… read more »

How to install Stellarium 0.20.0 on Ubuntu 20.04, 18.04

Free software Planetarium Stellarium 0.20.0 was released a few days ago. Here’s how to install it on Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu 19.10, and Ubuntu 20.04. Stellarium 0.20.0 brings GUI refactoring and updates, code refactoring (related to solar systems), and many improvements to plugin code. The changes in the release are as follows: Almagest Sky Culture added… read more »

How to Install CudaText on Ubuntu – Open Source Code Editor

CudaText is a free open source code editor for Windows, macOS, BDS and Linux. Includes minimap and micromap support, syntax highlighting, code tree, code folding, and a fuzzy matching command palette. Some other important features are regular expression search / replace, multi caret, multiple selection, and plugin support. CudaText can be configured in JSON format…. read more »

How to install kernel 5.6 on Ubuntu / Linux Mint

Linux Kernel 5.6 has been officially released. Linus Torvalds Announced: For this reason, I am upset about running this 5.6 release and running another -rc. This is a bit more change than I want, but they are mainly due to the davem network fix pull and David is used to them. And I saw the… read more »

How to Install Oracle Java 14 in Ubuntu 18.04, 20.04

Oracle Java 14 was released more than a week ago.For those want to install it in Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu 19.10, Ubuntu 20.04, Linux Mint 18.x, 19.x, and their derivatives, an installer script is available in PPA. For new features and other changes in Java 14, see the announcement. An Webupd8 team based installer… read more »