Hack leaked 276,000 user accounts

According to, The website was hacked on May 1, 2018, resulting in the disclosure of approximately 276k unique email addresses. is a free help and support forum for Linux distribution software and computer hardware. It currently has more than 200,000 registered members. The site was established in 2001 and changed ownership in 2008 and is now owned by MAS Media Inc.
The data breach was caused by the forum using an old version of vBulletin (version 4.2.2, released in October 2013), which is a proprietary Internet forum software. In addition to 276k unique email addresses, usernames, IP addresses, and savory MD5 password hashes were also leaked. Using salted MD5 password hashes is a bad idea because…well, MD5 is very fast, so an attacker can try billions of password combinations per second.
More importantly, the website mentioned that “The Linux forum did not respond to multiple attempts to contact them.” There is no announcement on about this issue. It seems that the forum has failed in the past 3 days, Some parts of the website are currently not working due to the following reasons Fatal errorIf you have a account, it is recommended that you change your password and use a new, unique, randomly generated password.
Seen Reddit (Thanks u/kpcent).