LiVES Video Editor 3.2.0 has been released with a number of new features [PPA]

LiVES, a free open source video editor and VJ tool, has released a new major version 3.2.0 with new features, performance and resource usage improvements, and many other changes.

change point LiVES 3.2.0 include:

  • The initial boot has been rewritten.
  • Updated GTK + support to 3.24.
  • A complete rewrite of the buttons, a new font chooser.
  • Specify the configuration directory from the command line.
  • I implemented a thread pool using generic worker threads.
  • Introduced the idea of ​​lives_proc_threads.
  • Memory processing optimized for specific cases.
  • You can set disk space allocation for your application.
  • Implemented automatic gamma correction.
  • Implemented swscale thread.
  • Added predictive cache mechanism to players.
  • Fixed some screen / window size issues.
  • The renderer now uses a separate thread to save the frame to disk, which renders much faster.
  • A new intelligent “auto layout” mode to improve the appearance of all parameter windows.
  • Visual adjustments to the Preferences window.
  • Fixed mkv_decoder to be able to decode webm clips.
  • ctrl-alt-space now performs loop locks in the clip editor (trick play).
  • Add keys a / A (lock / unlock audio track) to play the clip editor.
  • Two more keyboard effect keys (ctrl-minus and ctrl-equals) have been added.
  • You can now normalize the audio after rendering.
  • Added “Audio Bleed Through” mode to multitrack.
  • The volume level of individual clips can now be adjusted during playback (temporary) and non-playing (permanent).
  • A new “Audio Normalization” feature has been added.
  • Add settings to the settings window.
  • When you open another window, the frame number defaults to the pointer position.
  • The multitrack separate window now appears undecorated.
  • The appearance of the’fireTV’effect has been improved.
  • Adds a menu option to jump to the next mark / jump to the previous mark on the multitrack.

How to install LiVES 3.2.0 on Ubuntu:

PPA package in progress. I will update the post when the installation is possible. For the source code, please access the following URL.

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