LosslessCut-Ultra-fast tool for video and audio trimming / cutting

Can’t stand a typical video editor (such as Kdenlive or Openshot) as it can take hours to export the video after trimming / cutting? Try Lossless Cut.

LosslessCut is a cross-platform tool for lossless trimming / cutting of video and audio files. The software is so fast that it just cuts and copies the data stream directly, so it runs the job in seconds without compromising quality.

When Lossless Cut , I can do it:

  • Crop or crop part of video / audio losslessly
  • Lossless merge / concatenation of arbitrary files (same codec parameters)
  • Lossless stream editing: Combine arbitrary tracks from multiple files
  • Extract all tracks from the file losslessly
  • Remux to a compatible output format
  • Take a full resolution snapshot from a JPEG / PNG format video
  • Apply per-file timecode offset in preview
  • Change video rotation / orientation metadata
  • Powerful timeline with zoom and frame / keyframe jumps
  • Autosave per project cuts segments into files
  • View the last command log of ffmpeg so you can modify and re-execute recent commands on the command line
  • Label the cut segment
  • Segment panel showing segments with details, export / import cut segments as CSV
  • Video thumbnails and audio waveforms
  • Cut a commercial from a recorded TV show
  • Replace audio track
  • Include subtitles in video
  • Extract audio, video and oro subtitle tracks from video

How to get Lossless Cut on Ubuntu:

So far, there is no .deb binary package for the software. You can download the app image or Linux tarball from the link below.

Lossless Cut release

You can choose:

  • Get the .appimage package, give the executable permissions in the file properties, and finally run it to launch the software.
  • Alternatively, download the Linux tarball, extract the executable file, run it, and open the video editor.

This software is also available as a Snap package in Ubuntu software. However, the package version is late.

If you’re happy with the Linux Universal Flatpak package, you can also install Lossless Cut in the following ways: flathub repository ..

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