Main security tips for new Mac users

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If you are a first-time Mac user, you are welcome to enter the brave new world of Apple! Switching to an operating system other than Windows may seem daunting at first, but most users quickly realize that most of the changes made by Mac OS are based on intuition and user-friendly optimization. Of course, you will quickly learn how to quickly browse the user interface, but other areas require some preparation and reading, including how to enhance the Mac’s network security defense capabilities.

Keep the software updated

Setting up your Mac to be safer does not require memorizing like the MacOS keyboard shortcuts that you must know-but it does require preparation and your own research. First of all, make sure that your operating system always maintains the latest update speed. Updates usually include fixes for vulnerabilities and system vulnerabilities that hackers may use to gain unauthorized access.Picture src. pixabay

On a Mac computer, this is a simple process: navigate to the Apple logo in the upper left corner of the screen and click on it. Then click “About This Mac”> “Software Update” and let the Mac do the rest. You can also set your Mac to do this automatically. Just launch System Preferences and select Software Update>Automatically keep my Mac up to date.

Know your application

Apple has its own app store where you can find and download apps for Mac. Just click the rocket icon in the lower left corner of the screen to open the launchpad, and then select App Store. Although Apple does its best to ensure that malicious applications cannot be found on its App Store, some of them are known to miss vulnerabilities. This means that you must also play your part by carefully researching trusted applications. The main lessons learned from choosing a service provider online apply here, especially when you consider taking steps to ensure safety when money changes hands.

Companies operating in certain industries will need to have a particularly keen eye for reliable providers. Holders of online accounts in banks or foreign exchange transactions will need to trust the payment details of these companies, so they need to know that they will not be hacked. Therefore, when opening an online account at a bank or online foreign exchange trading website, customers always check whether they have obtained permission from the appropriate authorities.Good review and registration with regulatory agencies such as FCA are the reasons why the best providers stand out. Conducted by Help prove that they are trustworthy and have taken adequate network security measures. This is also true for other payment platforms (such as Venmo or PayPal), websites that sell tickets for sports events or shows (such as Ticketmaster), and online retailers (such as Amazon). The online transaction security policy of online retailers plays a vital role in attracting customers. The same goes for apps: Before downloading an app from the Apple Store, be sure to check the reviews first. Be especially wary of apps that seem to come from trusted sources but are actually burdened by reputable brands. Main security tips for new Mac usersPicture src. pixabay

Encrypt and backup files

Apple has built-in features that can enhance the security of your Mac-but first you must find them and make sure they are turned on. First, make sure that the firewall is turned on by opening “System Preferences” and then selecting “Security & Privacy”> “Firewall”> “Turn on Firewall”. Then, click FireVault next to the firewall and select “Turn on FireVault”. This will activate Apple’s own encryption tools and ensure that your sensitive data is protected by hackers.

Please note that after setting up FireVault, you need to enter the login password and the automatically generated recovery key to access it again. If you forget this information, then the data will be lost – this is why you can reset the encryption key using iCloud. On the native browser Safari, your Mac will also prompt you to select automatically generated extra strong passwords and fill in these passwords for you automatically. Finally, the built-in backup tool Time Machine also makes it very easy to back up data. Just open “System Preferences”> “Time Machine” and select “Auto Backup” for maximum security.

Remember, if you are a new Mac user, please check Apple’s official support site first for the easiest security steps. But then, you can go to dedicated Apple user forums and dedicated websites to get useful tips and shortcuts to redouble your efforts.

You can download this article in PDF format via the link below to support us.
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