Markdown editor Markdown editor adds sidebar and tab support

The Mark Text Markdown editor has been updated to include some important new features, such as support for tabs, the addition of sidebars, search in projects, and directory support.

Markup text It is a new free open source electronic markdown editor for Windows, Mac and Linux. It supports CommonMark Spec and GitHub Flavored Markdown Spec.
The application has a seamless real-time preview using Snabbdom as a rendering engine, multiple editing modes (typewriter, source code, and focus), including code fence support, light and dark themes, emoji auto-complete, and export to PDF, HTML Or styled HTML related: Marked text: FOSS Markdown editor with real-time preview function
The latest Mark Text 0.12.20 (the version number in Mark Text does not make sense-the previous version was 0.11.42) brings support for tabs, and a sidebar that can display files as a tree or list :
Tag text sidebar

In addition to displaying the currently opened files or files in the project, the sidebar also provides a project search function, or can display the current file directory. You can also save or close all open files from the sidebar.
In addition, if you add a folder in the sidebar, you will find new options to add new files or directories, cut/copy/paste, rename or move to the recycle bin.
Other improvements in Mark Text 0.12.20:

  • Added support for reference links and images
  • Added support for copying tables to context menu
  • Rewrite table selector
  • Fixed export table
  • Fixed full link copy not working
  • Fixed text cursor skipping lines in paragraphs

Download markup text

Linux tips: You can use AppImageLauncher to easily install and integrate AppImage files on Linux (AppMark files for Linux are provided on the “Tag Text Download” page).


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