Marktext-Distractions Markdown Editor

Mark Text is a free open source markdown editor for Linux, Windows and Mac OS. A simple, unobtrusive, easy-to-use editor with some powerful features. The main goals of this markdown editor are speed and ease of use. Released under the MIT license.

Comes with real-time preview WYSIWYG editor, light and dark theme support, GFM table block support, GFM code block support. It also supports flowcharts, sequence diagrams, Gantt charts, Vega charts, CommonMark specs, GitHub flavor markdown specs, Pandoc markdown, spell checkers, built-in image uploaders, and formulas.

You can export Markdown as HTML and PDF files. You can also change the editor mode to source code mode, typewriter mode, and focus mode to improve your productivity.

Download mark text

Install MarkText on Ubuntu

You can install MarkText on Ubuntu via native deb, flatpak, and portable AppImage file formats.

Install the mark text via AppImage.

Download the latest version of MarkText in .AppImage file format from the MarkText download link at the top above and save it in the Downloads folder. Open a terminal application. It can be opened with the combination of Ctrl + Alt + T. Then execute the following commands one by one.

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Here, “marktext-x86_64.AppImage” is the name of the downloaded file.

cd Downloads
sudo chmod +x ~ marktext-x86_64.AppImage

Marktext-Distractions Markdown Editor

Install mark text via DEB.

Mark text is also available as a .deb file format. Download from the mark text download link at the top and save it in your download folder. In the terminal, run the following commands one at a time.

cd Downloads

Here, the download file name is “marktext-amd64.deb”.

sudo dpkg -i marktext-amd64.deb
sudo apt install -f

Install MarkText via Flatpak.

the first Install flatpak Reboot the system. Then run it under the Mark Textflatpak installation command.

flatpak install flathub com.github.marktext.marktext

You can open the mark text with the following flatpak command.

flatpak run com.github.marktext.marktext

that’s it.

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