Matroska (MKV) Creates Software Suite MKVToolNix Sees New 41.0.0 Version

MKVToolNix is ​​a free set of open source tools for creating, editing, and inspecting Matroska (MKV, MK3D, MKA, and MKS) files. A new version of the tool has been released that supports reading Opus audio from MP4 files And VP9 videos to support mkvmerge, improved predefined track names, etc.
MKVToolNix consists of 4 command line tools: mkvmerge (Creating Matroska files from other media files), mkvinfo (Show Matroska file information), mkvextract (Extracting tracks / data from Matroska files), and mkvpropedit (No need to complete remux to change the properties of an existing Matroska file), and the MKVToolNix GUI (for mkvmerge, mkvinfo with mkvpropedit). These tools are available on Linux, * BSD, Windows and macOS.
With the latest MKVToolNix 41.0.0, Vorbis, Opus, and VP8 stream annotations (Vorbis comments) will be converted to Matroska attachments for cover decoration and Matroska tracking tags for other annotations. This has been implemented for Matroska and Ogg readers.
The latest version also adds support for reading Opus audio and VP9 video from MP4 files. Previously, when importing VP9 or Opus from MP4, audio could not be played and could not be extracted (the codec was displayed as QuickTime and extraction of such files was not supported).
The new 41.0.0 release also adds improvements to the predefined track names for the MKVToolNix GUI. The list of predefined track names is now divided into 3 lists, one for each track type (audio, video and subtitles). In addition, whenever the line edit and combo box are not empty, they will display a “plain text” button.
More changes in MKVToolNix 41.0.0:

  • mkvmerge (WAV reader): Added support for reading RF64 files
  • MKVToolNix GUI (Multiplexer): When trying to add a thumbnail to Blu-ray, if the XML file does not contain this information, the GUI will determine the pixel size of the thumbnail based on the thumbnail file. This works for JPEG and PNG files
  • mkvmerge: Added cache when using MPLS playlist as input file
  • Fix wrong start time for some Blu-ray audio and video, causing out of sync with external files (such as subtitles)
  • Fixed automatic switching between aspect ratio and display width / height not reflected in configuration generated for mkvmerge

Download MKVToolNix

The MKVToolNix download page contains Linux AppImage files for any Linux distribution (you may need to install AppImageLauncher, a tool that easily runs the AppImage binary and integrates it with your desktop), as well as a repository for many Linux distributions, so please View installation instructions. You can also install MKVToolNix from Flathub.