Mechvibes: Play mechanical keyboard sounds as you type

Mechvibes is a desktop application that plays the sound of pressing a key on a mechanical keyboard as you type on the keyboard.

I use my mechanical keyboard late at night or in the office, and my parents and colleagues dislike the loud keyboard, especially in quiet areas. If you are facing this problem like me, this product is for you!

When Mecha bibs, You can do it:

  • Record your favorite sounds and set custom keyboard sound sets
  • Use your laptop keyboard or non-mechanical keyboard at work to hear your favorite sounds.
  • Use this app as needed

How to install Mechvibes on Ubuntu:

This software can be easily installed on Ubuntu 18.04 or later via Ubuntu Software Utility Snap package.

Once installed, launch the software from the system application menu. And you can read Official documentation for Mechvibes Editor.

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