Mediatek presents Wi-Fi 7 at CES 2022

While Wi-Fi 6E is the current industry standard, companies seem to be working on future generations that will offer even faster speeds. Now MediaTek is preparing to showcase its Wi-Fi 7 network at CES 2022. The next generation Wi-Fi standard, Wi-Fi 7, will be 2.4 times faster than the current one WLAN 6 and WLAN 6E Standards, said James Chen, associate vice president of product marketing at MediaTek. In addition to increased speeds, the new standard should have significantly lower latency. This would be especially useful in areas like gaming where things can happen quickly Multiplayer games need the smallest possible milliseconds.

At the same time, MediaTek yesterday introduced the Dimensity 9000, its upcoming flagship processor. The Dimensity 9000 is the world’s first ARM-based chip with a Cortex-X2 CPU and the world’s first processor based on a 4 nm node process. The chipset is packed with features and ready to pique the interest of upcoming smartphones. Wi-Fi 6 – also known as 802.11ax – is one of the fastest wireless technologies available in smartphones, but it’s still hard to come by. That didn’t stop MediaTek from demonstrating Wi-Fi 7, however.

What is WiFi 6? Should you upgrade?

According to a slide PCMag received from MediaTek, Wi-Fi 7 could be the next generation wireless technology 802.11be. “Intel and Qualcomm are committed to the new standard,” the report says, but the companies have not said when they will introduce a product that uses it.

According to the report, the “Multiple Resource Units” technology of Wi-Fi 7 will enable devices to “better block interference from other networks in the vicinity”. “With Wi-Fi 7, we can block noise from your neighbor,” said a MediaTek manager named Chen. This could mean less interference to the Wi-Fi signal channel for users. However, fixed dates for the release of Wi-Fi 7 devices have not been set. While the Taiwanese chipmaker will be demonstrating the new technology at CES 2022, Chen warned that it was “very early in the Wi-Fi 7 standardization process.” The official didn’t go into details but said the launch could come in the second quarter of 2022. In other words, we can expect an official release in 2023.

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