Meet RecApp, a new screen recording application for the Linux desktop

Introduction: RecApp is a simple open source screen recorder tool. It has no powerful features, but can provide you with enough screen recordings through a simple user interface.

We have many screen recorders available for Linux. When I like to use SimpleScreenrecorder, Abhishek prefers to use Kazam. Neither of us uses GNOME’s built-in screen recorder.

Recently, the developers of the new screen recording tool RecApp contacted us. Since I like to try different applications, I myself introduce myself as RecApp, which is the highlight of this week’s open source software.

RecApp: a fairly simple screen recorder for Linux desktops

RecApp Is an interesting open source screen recorder tool, it does not depend on FFmpeg and is free to use GStreamer module. If you are curious, you can write in GTK.

If you are looking for a simple open source solution to record your desktop screen, RecApp may be a solution.

RecApp features

Recapp screenshot 1

Although RecApp does not provide many functions, it does have the functions required to record desktop screens. This is what you can do:

  • Adjust the frames per second setting
  • Delayed recording
  • Select the screen area to record
  • Switch between high quality and compressed quality.
  • Ability to record audio from the application
  • Switch whether to record the cursor
  • Choose a folder to save the video
  • Support mp4, webm and mkv formats

The best thing about RecApp is that you don’t have a separate preference box to adjust the settings. This can reduce confusion. You can get everything on one screen, and that’s all you have to do.

Install RecApp on Linux

First, it provides Flat packaging. Therefore, you only need to refer to the FOSS guide for installation with Flatpak.

For Fedora, you can use the terminal and enter the command to install:

sudo dnf install recapp

Download RecApp

in conclusion

Although RecApp is a fairly new project, it works very well in my use on Pop OS 20.04. So, take a little salt.

RecApp has a simple interface and is easy to use. However, in my opinion, the aspect ratio of the recorded video is not ideal. It is not fully 1080p, and I cannot find a way to change it. Other than that, there are no other problems with the recording screen.

What do you think of RecApp? What screen recorder do you use to capture the desktop?