MellowPlayer is a desktop application for various streaming music services

Introduction: MellowPlayer is a free open source desktop that allows you to integrate web-based music streaming services on Linux and Windows.

There is no doubt that many users prefer to listen to streaming services to listen to their favorite music, rather than buying individual music from the store or downloading them for collection.

Of course, streaming services allow you to explore new music and help artists easily reach a wider audience. However, because there are so many music streaming services (Sound cloud, Spotify, YouTube music, Amazon MusicEtc.), it often becomes annoying to use them effectively when using computers.

You can install Spotify on Linux, but there is no desktop app for Amazon Music. Therefore, it may not be possible to manage streaming services from a single portal site.

What if the desktop application allows you to integrate streaming services on Windows and Linux for free? In this article, I will discuss such an application-“Mellow player‘.

MellowPlayer: an open source application integrating various streaming music services

MellowPlayer is a free and open source cross-platform desktop application that allows you to integrate multiple streaming services and manage all streaming services from one interface.

You can integrate several supported streaming services. You will also gain a certain degree of control to adjust the experience of each individual service. For example, you can set to automatically skip ads or mute them on YouTube.

Cross-platform support for Windows and Linux is definitely an advantage.

In addition to the function of managing streaming services, it also integrates the player with the system tray to easily control music. This means you can use the media keys on the keyboard to control the music player.

It is also worth noting that you can add new services that are not officially supported by simply creating plugins for them in the application. In order for you to learn more about it, let me highlight all the key features below.

Features of MellowPlayer


  • Cross-platform (Windows and Linux)
  • Free and open source
  • Plug-in-based applications that allow you to add new services by creating plug-ins
  • Integrate the service with the system tray as a native desktop application
  • Support hotkey
  • Notification support
  • Listen to history

Install MellowPlayer on Linux

Mellowplayer system integration

MellowPlayer can be used as Flatpak packaging. I know this is disappointing for some people, but it’s just Flatpak for Linux and executable files for Windows. If you don’t know, please follow our guide to get started with Flatpak on Linux.

Download MellowPlayer

wrap up

MellowPlayer is a convenient desktop application suitable for users who are often involved in multiple music streaming services. Even though the tests I conducted on SoundCloud, YouTube and Spotify worked normally, I did notice that the app crashed when trying to resize the window, just a prompt.You can learn more about it on it GitLab page.

There are two similar applications that allow you to play multiple streaming music services: Nuvola and Nuclear Music Player. You may need to check.

Have you tried MellowPlayer? Welcome to share your thoughts in the comments below.