Microsoft 365 Will Report You to Your Boss Faster Than Ever Before

Microsoft 365’s compliance center currently reports bad messages in the space of 24 hours, but it’s about to get a lot faster. The tech giant has announced that it’s cutting the reporting time down to one hour, thus getting reports to your boss’ desk faster than ever before.

Microsoft’s Changes to 365’s Compliance Center

As reported by TechRadar, Microsoft plans to make it easier than ever for business owners to see violations in their company’s communications. What would usually take a day will get cut down to 60 minutes between the offense and the delivered report.

The update affects Microsoft 365’s Communication Compliance Alerts, which scan messages sent within a business and report any bad actors. The business owner can set up custom filters for their alerts, such as swear words, abusive language, unapproved deals and mergers, and any special terms the admin can think of.

The company believes that waiting a whole day to process a report and get it to the superior’s desk is too long. As such, it’s drastically reducing the response time so that business owners and managers can better respond to such infringements.

A Necessary Change, or Too Much Too Fast?

It’s hard to tell whether this change will help or hinder businesses and their employees in the grand scheme of things. By shortening the time, the company both solves some issues and creates whole new ones.

On the plus side, cutting down the response time to a single hour can help managers identify and prevent communication abuse quickly. This can allow the company to protect its workers and its assets from bad agents intending to do damage.

However, cutting a day-long process into an hour-long time frame is likely rife with problems. Microsoft didn’t reveal how, exactly, it managed this feat. As such, if the implementation is shoddy or rash, it may catch lots of false positives or miss out on communications abuse.

A New, Faster Microsoft 365

Microsoft intends to make it faster than ever for 365 to report on bad agents in a company. However, given we have no knowledge of how the company achieved this lofty goal, we’ll have to wait and see if this new feature will speed up the process or make a mess of things instead.

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