Microsoft Is Secretly Working on Several New Windows 11 Features

Microsoft has been working hard to make Windows 11 the best it can be, including adding new features to the brand-new operating system. While the software giant hasn’t officially announced them, an eagle-eyed user has spotted a few new features in the works, including a new stickers feature and an upcoming tablet mode for Windows 11.

Microsoft’s Unannounced New Features for Windows 11

As reported by The Verge, Microsoft is currently working away on a few new features that it hasn’t announced. A Twitter user called Albacore dug into Windows 11’s code and found evidence of wallpaper stickers and a new tablet mode.

First up, Albacore covers Windows 11’s new desktop sticker feature. At the moment, the feature hasn’t been fully fleshed out yet, so it’s a little bare-bones right now. However, from first impressions, it seems to be a personalization feature to help you make your desktop truly yours.

At first glance, it seems you can edit and place stickers on your desktop, which persist even if you change your wallpaper. However, the feature is limited right now; it doesn’t work on slideshows and only works on single-monitor setups.

It’s unknown if these caveats will persist in the final release, or if they’re simply teething problems as Microsoft irons out the bug with this new feature.

Next up, Albacore uncovered hints at a new tablet mode:

Tablet mode is nothing new for Windows operating systems; the option first debuted on Windows 10. When enabled, tablet mode changes how the operating system works to suit portable devices better. It’s especially handy on laptops that can convert into a tablet when you detach the keyboard.

Albacore also notes a few extra features hidden away:

Some Welcome Additions for Windows 11

Microsoft has quite a bit of a challenge ahead of it when convincing users to upgrade to Windows 11. It made a bad first impression when it announced the somewhat-restrictive system requirements for Windows 11.

After that, solid-state drive (SSD) owners were unhappy with Windows 11’s performance, as a few bugs in the system meant that things loaded a little slower than some would like. Fortunately, Microsoft is releasing a patch to fix these issues, but it did mean that Windows 11 left some SSD owners with a less-than-ideal first impression.

As such, it’s good to see that Microsoft is working full steam ahead to make Windows 11 a better operating system, even if it involves adding a few novel features such as stickers on the desktop.

If Microsoft wants to make an impact on a community that’s gotten very comfortable with Windows 10, it needs to enhance Windows 11 in a way that convinces people that it’s worth making the jump to upgrade their PC.

What’s Next for Windows 11?

While these features are a great insight into what Microsoft wants from Windows 11, it also suggests that it likely has some more unannounced features up its sleeves. As such, Windows 11 fans should keep their eyes peeled for any new features that appear, either through Microsoft’s announcements or through discoveries such as Albacore’s own.

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