Microsoft says Windows 11 could make your PC faster

Microsoft spent a lot of time talking about the new features in Windows 11, but the company hasn’t put as much effort into improving the operating system’s performance. That said, until now, as the company says, Windows 11 could make your PC faster.

Windows 11 performance improvements

Corresponding Microsoft , there are several tweaks under the hood that will help make Windows 11 a more powerful operating system. There are some pretty significant changes to the way the system handles apps and processes. Windows 11 prefers the programs in the foreground and makes sure that enough resources are allocated to them.

This is especially useful for people who want to run multiple instances of a program or tons of tabs in a web browser because even when starting another instance the app is already running in the foreground, allocating more memory, CPU, and other system resources to it.

In one YouTube Video (above Windows novelty ) said Microsoft’s VP Steve Dispensa from the Windows Management Team: “That saves seconds of time in this case. And the time savings add up as you use the apps throughout the day. So it feels responsive and fast. Prioritization in the foreground is a big part of it. And the same concept applies to the Windows shell itself, the browser, and your open tabs in Windows 11.

Edge will see many of these improvements as the company enabled sleeping tabs in the browser by default. This could result in significant memory and CPU savings in Windows 11.

Why doesn’t Windows 11 support my CPU?

Another performance improvement in Windows 11 is how quickly the computer wakes up from hibernation. Microsoft has said that computers with 8th generation processors and newer will exit sleep mode almost instantly, which is a welcome change.

Windows 11 will be here soon

With the release of Windows 11 just around the corner, it’s nice to hear Microsoft touting the speed and performance of the operating system instead of talking about how good it looks and how many new features it will have. As soon as the final version of the operating system is available on October 5th, we will of course be able to judge how much improvement there is. In the meantime, we look forward to getting our hands on the final build of Windows 11.

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