MineTime: Desktop calendar application with Google Calendar, Outlook.com, Microsoft Exchange, iCloud and CalDAV support

Mining time It is a smart calendar application for Windows, macOS and Linux desktops. The app supports Google Calendar, Outlook.com, Microsoft Exchange, iCloud, and calendars in any service that uses CalDAV, allowing you to centralize all your calendars in one place.
MineTime is an electronic application that is part of a research project of a student at the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (a university of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in Zurich, Switzerland) in which “how to bring new technologies, such as artificial Smart, integrated into daily work to help people get more from their time. “The application is funded by the Zurich Federal Institute of Technology and the Swiss Innovation Agency. It is free for non-commercial use, but not free open source software. Its website claims to collect some information, “the purpose is to provide better services and academic research for all of our users,” and “we will never sell your data.” Its privacy policy is Here. You can turn off remote data processing (click the user icon in the upper right corner of the application window and then turn off “Advanced Features”), but you will also miss some application features:

MineTime disables data collection / setting

Now let’s enter the interesting part: MineTime function.
The calendar application has a time analysis function that provides an in-depth understanding of the plan. It includes statistical information, such as how many times the event has been rescheduled, average meeting time, etc. This should help improve future scheduling decisions. This is a screenshot from minetime.ai (I just started using MineTime, so in this case, the screenshot of the computer will not show too much):
MineTime Insights

Another nice feature is “natural language”. Its role is to enable you to schedule new events or perform operations on the calendar in plain English. Just type what you want to do, and MineTime Assistant will take care of the rest:
MineTime Assistant

When the text “What can I do for you?” Is displayed in the left pane of MineTime, you can type the operation without having to perform it manually. For example, type “Jump to December 2018” to move the calendar view to December 2018. Or type “meeting with John 1pm next Monday” to add a new event at 1pm next Monday. In addition, MineTime uses artificial intelligence to make team scheduling fast and easy. This is done by analyzing your daily patterns and preferences and considering everyone’s agenda and preferences. Other features of MineTime are worth mentioning:

  • Subscribe to a public read-only Webcal calendar
  • Support event invitation
  • Create a contact group
  • The application displays desktop notifications for events that have alarms set
  • Event markers: assign categories and colors to each event to better organize the calendar view
  • Multiple views: date / agenda / week / month
  • Rename calendars, move existing events between calendars, set custom calendar colors, etc.
  • Calendar contact list with private diary and meeting records
  • Configurable time zone, first day of the week, time format, time period duration, etc.
  • Light and dark themes
  • Hotkey: use PageUp / Down Navigation calendar view, Ctrl / Cmd + T Jump to the current date, Ctrl / Cmd + N Create a new event Ctrl / Cmd + W Switch calendar window
  • Includes options to start the app on startup and make it run in the background

Even if you turn off advanced features to disable remote data processing in order to protect privacy, MineTime is still an amazing tool because it supports calendars in Google Calendar, Outlook.com, Microsoft Exchange, iCloud, and any service that uses CalDAV. Why not, it has an attractive user interface.
Although the application still lacks some features, it’s no big deal. One missing feature is the suspension reminder notification, which is planned to be used in a future version of MineTime. I also could n’t find a way to copy the Google meeting link. However, the application is under heavy development, with at least one new version every month, so these features may soon be available in MineTime.

Download MineTime

For Linux, you will find 64-bit DEB, RPM and AppImage MineTime binaries.